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Travel cancellation insurance: Find out how it works and what situations it can help you with:


Your bags are packed, your tickets booked and you’re ready for the adventure of a lifetime! But suddenly, something unexpected happens at the last minute to delay your project…
Whether it’s the flu or any other reason beyond your control, not only is not going on vacation a disaster, but worse still is losing money from the vacation budget.


To remedy this, Yupwego has thought of you! And yes, travel cancellation insurance complements your international health cover to make the unexpected a mere detail in your plans.


Travel cancellation cover enables you to obtain reimbursement of the costs incurred for your trip, if an unforeseeable cause beyond your control forces you to cancel your stay.


So, are you ready to leave with peace of mind? Yupwegooo!

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What are the grounds for my trip cancellation guarantee?

How do I know if I need cancellation insurance?

When should I take out travel cancellation insurance ?

How is the price of my travel cancellation insurance calculated ?

How can I justify my trip in the event of unforeseen circumstances ?

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